Every step of the way Voor Groenberg is there with you

Voor-Groenberg Personnel

Johan Wiese

  • Act as CEO of the company
  • Detail planning of rootstock and scion productions under contract as well as on our own premises
  • Visiting clients for technical advice and consulting
  • Marketing and promotions in wine – , table- and raisin industries
  • Grafting programme and general nursery involvement

Andrew Teubes

  • International marketing and technical support
  • Field grafting and top working for domestic clients
  • Domestic marketing and technical support
  • Fast propagation of scarce cultivars
  • Liaison with international table grape breeding companies

Koos van der Merwe

  • Technical advice and consulting
  • Domestic and international marketing
  • Visiting clients for technical support

André du Toit

  • Financial management of local and export companies
  • Debtor controls
  • Creditor controls
  • Stock control and dispatch of plants
  • Cold storage control and deliveries
  • General office and human resources management

Kathleen Wilken

  • Contact to clients and update of client database
  • Telephone enquiries and orders
  • Allocation of  grafted vines, invoice and  collection of the vines

Helmien Brandsen

  • Olyfboom rootstock/scion material farm- administration, debit and credit control
  • Administration of field grafting projects
  • VG nurseries administration manager and export coordinator

Christelle van Niekerk

  • Record keeping of sales and royalty records
  • Manage contacts between breeders, nursery and growers
  • Assist with telephone enquiries and orders
  • Manage website records

Contact Johan Wiese, Andrew Teubes or Koos van der Merwe:

Tel 021 864 1018 Contact Fax 021 864 3689 Contact e-mail vgroenberg@vgb.co.za Contact www.vgnurseries.co.za