Most countries have a fixed protocol governing the importation of plant materials as these can carry potential harmful diseases and/or organisms. It is therefore necessary to know what the import regulations are before plants can be exported to any country. VG Nurseries International is well positioned through long term relations with the Sanitary Services of various countries to provide the necessary guarantees and securities required for the export of grapevine plants. Contact us for detailed information regarding all the steps of initiating an export delivery. Below find a brief summary of the structure of the South African grape industry and its regulatory bodies.

The South African Wine and Table Grape Industries are regulated by the Plant Improvement Act of the South African Department of Agriculture. The Vine Improvement Association (VIA) is responsible for the Wine Grape Industry and the Deciduous Fruit Improvement Association (DFA) for the Table- and Drying Grape Industry. Both these associations are accredited by the South African Government to regulate the respective industries regarding the requirements as specified in the Plant Improvement Act.

The VIA- and DFA-boards consists of representatives from producers, commercial nurseries, government and registered plant improvement organizations. The activities of the VIA and DFA are audited by the Department of Agriculture of South Africa. The VIA and DFA ensure that the rules of the South African Plant Certification Scheme for Wine Grapes and South African Plant Certification Scheme for Deciduous Fruit respectively, are followed for certified plant material.

Only certified material that qualifies for the issuing of a phytosanitary certificate will be exported. Contact our office for information regarding packaging, phytosanitary control measures, storage and shipment details, shipping routes, shipment dates, etc. VG Nurseries (Pty) Ltd is conveniently located within 80 km from Cape Town International Airport and Cape Town Port from where plants can be distributed anywhere in the world at anytime of the year.

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